GOTY 2019

2019 was a weird year for me in terms of games. Instead of taking the shotgun approach and playing a bit of everything that looked even slightly interesting, I dove deep on games I was really enjoying (hence my list being a top 8). This worked for me in a year that I think by … Continue reading GOTY 2019

Four Things Bungie Can Do Right Now to Fix the Eververse

If you’ve been paying attention to Destiny 2 at all recently, you’ve probably heard complaints about the Eververse, their microtransaction store. Along with Shadowkeep came approximately the 50th rework of their store, which in its history has swung wildly between being so overly generous you’d be crazy to spend money in it, to a completely … Continue reading Four Things Bungie Can Do Right Now to Fix the Eververse

Disco Elysium Review

Disco Elysium is a game obsessed with the past and how it influences the future. The people of the war-torn Revachol are a product of their ancestor’s decisions, be they political or otherwise. Having no past poses an issue then, and this is where we find ourselves waking up on the floor of a motel … Continue reading Disco Elysium Review